Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The BEST way to write a book?

What is the best way to write a book?

Should you plan it chapter by chapter?

Should you come up with a skeleton story-line and work around this?

Should you plan as you go along?

Should you do no planning whatsoever and just let it 'write itself'?

I am afraid I always seem to go for the latter. I have never enjoyed planning creativity. To me, planning a story is like building a fence around your imagination. Yes, some people need to plan - I accept that; some stories need direction - e.g. a murder mystery can hardly be written without any design!

But, dear friends, we don't always need a blueprint for our stories.

I am not planning this blog post and I didn't plan my first novel. Storme flowed from me like Niagara Falls, never stopping to check it followed that scientific pattern of 'how to write a story'. People may criticise me for not following a structural plan - but for goodness sake, life doesn't progress in a regimental fashion, so why should all writing?

Some books are designed to be planned - like my Libre Manor novelette - and some ARE NOT! Storme is organic writing, a novel that has been plucked from my imagination like a home-grown carrot is pulled from the ground. Storme tells a story, it is a tale of two lives. It has been written as I have grown up - every chapter a reflection of an experience I have had! It is not artificial and not copied - it is natural and alive!

We all hear the doctors telling us what to eat and drink. 'Organic', 'unprocessed' and 'natural' are three words frequently used by those who understand what we need to live healthily. Why should this be any different in writing? I have read so many books that are mirror-images of other stories, planned in the same way and written in the same style. Isn't it time we 'broke the mould' (pardon the cliche), and leapt into that wonderful imagination we all posses as writers?

Now is the genesis for a new style of writing! We CAN write good books without meticulous planning, we CAN achieve literary glory without following convention. Storme has been praised for its readability and flowing storyline - something that was achieved by letting my imagination 'run wild'.

We have a wonderful tool at our disposal - the human imagination should never be caged! We need inventors, we need artists and we NEED writers. Einstein didn't get where he was by following convention! NOW IS THE TIME TO BE REBELLIOUS - TO WRITE IN A WAY THAT HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE! GO AHEAD AND SHINE, DEAR FRIENDS, WRITE A BOOK WITHOUT A SCIENTIFIC PLAN - YOU'LL BE SURPRISED HOW AMAZING IT IS!

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