Monday, 4 March 2013

So, what makes a great writer?

What makes a great writer?

Is it somebody who takes command of the English language as an admiral takes command of his crew?

Is it somebody who never fails to use the correct punctuation, grammar and spelling, even when texting?It it somebody who never stops writing, even when on holiday?

OR, is it somebody who is creative, poetic, inspired and adventurous...?

I would always opt for the latter.

Writing is a discipline, yes. We all need to master the basics of punctuation, grammar and spelling as these allow one to write in a way that is universally understood and accepted. The science of writing is vital and all good writers must be able to recognise inaccuracies and be able to competently rectify them.
But, dear friends - if one simply sees writing as a science, one can never understand the beauty of putting together flavoursome words. Adjectives inspire velvety descriptions which can ooze beauty or equally attack the reader by being hideous and devious... Verbs create feeling and allow one to be transported to other worlds and situations where fantasy and reality can merge into something wonderful. Nouns can name the protagonist as a beautiful being of utter perfection, or render the antagonist a vile monster. The interaction between these characters can be liquid pleasure - like drinking a cool glass of iced-tea on a bitterly hot day...
One must never forget that writing is an art - a pleasure - a wonder that can inspire!
Once one learns the basics, there is no right or wrong way to write... Everybody has a different style and each style should be nurtured like a mother would nurture her child. We are all unique and each writer is different. Learn to ignite those adjectives and chase those verbs - whilst making war on the antagonist who stole your nouns!

Enjoy writing!

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