Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Review of 'Precious': Aoife Marie Sheridan

I am a poetry enthusiast and greatly enjoying both reading and writing poetry. I rarely come across a piece of work that 'tugs at the heartstrings' (pardon the cliche), but this poem manages to cultivate an emotion that simply makes me beg for more...
Here, Aoife has created a marvelous piece which captivates and inspires, whilst remaining pure and true. Roses have been long associated with romance, and this poem - like a slow waltz on Valentines Day - is graceful and melodic. Although the piece addresses death directly, Aoife deals with tragedy in the most mature and sophisticated way. Although the poem is focused on a red rose, it was personified throughout - allowing the reader to effectively imagine a heartbroken person in place of the dying flower!
All in all, a fantastic piece of work. Aoife tells me she won first place in a Co.Meath competition with this - well I can understand why! The poem is beautifully written and would warm even the most cold heart. Fantastic - a great read for a dreary Tuesday morning!

Here it is: 


Copyright: By Aoife Marie Sheridan

A rose is so wonderful,
So powerful and is full in all its glory.
The breeze makes it dance to a slow tune;
The sky makes the red, look like blood,
So mysterious, yet so sexy.

It pulls you in,
You want to cut it and bring it with you,
But it looks so content and natural in the soil.
But you can’t help it so you place it
In the most perfect and beautiful spot in your home.
People admire its appearance.
But it doesn’t have a daring look about it,
Day by day a petal hits the man-made piece of wood.

Its graceful head begins to drop
And now its head bows before you, because you are its master,
It has no way but your way.
And soon you realise by making it yours
You have destroyed everything it once was.
You have taken it all away.
So you try to replace it but it’s no good,
You didn’t take its roots you cut its stem.

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