Thursday, 4 April 2013

Should anybody be able to get a book into their local library?!

I am writing this blog post after my recent experience with Bedford Borough Libraries. My book - Storme: - is selling very well (over 150 copies in 8 weeks) and I thought that getting it in the local library would be a 'piece of cake' - pardon the cliche. However, this optimism was soon destroyed when I was told by a senior librarian that the book didn't fit 'their criteria'. I expected a ream of information as to why the content of the book was unsuitable for their library, but instead I was presented with a number of subjective reasons as to why the physical attributes of Storme were not acceptable. They picked up on the cover - my pride and joy and a popular design among teenagers - and even raised the issue that the spine and binding were of poor quality. I actually chose my specific publisher because of their high-quality bindings - how they picked this up as an issue I will never know? They also commented that the book has smudges - again incorrect, and even went as far as to mention the overall quality of the book. Pardon me, but I have been told that Storme is of 'exceptionally high-quality'; someone here is definitely pulling the wool over my eyes! This brings me to my main point! Shouldn't local books be given a place in local libraries? Waterstone's have my book and ARE selling my book. The library insists that it doesn't follow their criteria - but for goodness sake, there is no sex or nudity - it is not a 'Fifty Shades of Grey'! I am fighting this battle and will continue until I win. But, what do you think? Should local libraries encourage local authors? or should bureaucracy keep its tight hold on all our public services? Sometimes I wonder what I pay council-tax for?

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  1. Have you tried getting all your friends to go in and ask for it? I think libraries are supposed to try and get books their members ask for. Just a thought.
    Malcolm Snook